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Supercharge Your Citation Campaigns using CitationTracker

Supercharge Your Citation Campaigns using CitationTracker

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Auditing and cleaning up local directory listings is critical to performing well in local search.

In fact, 55% of local experts say accurate citations are ‘critical’ to local search ranking.

However, the actual process of finding and fixing your local listings is tricky, time-consuming, and often full of frustrations.

But, help is close at hand!

There are a few online tools that can help you. The most powerful & feature-rich of these is CitationTracker from

CitationTracker is just 1 of 7 unique tools within BrightLocal’s suite of local search tools which is used by over 15,000 SEOs and agencies.

This powerful tool solves 5 of the biggest challenges that SEOs and business owners face when it comes to managing their local directory listings.

1. Tracking Down All Existing Citations

CitationTracker scours the web and identifies where your business details are displayed on thousands of sites from Google+ Local right down to hyper-local and niche directories. In your report, you can see the Domain Authority score as well as BrightLocal’s unique ‘Citation Value’ score for each site so you can order them by importance.

2. Completing a Detailed a NAP Audit

CitationTracker runs a full NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) audit on the most important 50 local sites such as Google+ Local, Yelp, Foursquare, Facebook, and many others. All NAP issues are highlighted so you can quickly spot any discrepancies and fix them.

3. Identifying Troublesome Duplicate Listings

This is a new feature in CitationTracker that searches for duplicate listings, which display the same or similar NAP details to your main profile. CitationTracker reports on suspected “dupe” listings so you can quickly manage them.

4. Discovering High-Value Citation Opportunities

Other than fixing your current citations, it’s also important to build new citations to boost your local ranking. CitationTracker audits high-ranking local competitors and tells you where they’re listed, but you are not. The tool also displays the Domain Authority of each site, tells you the type of site is it (e.g. a Local Directory), and if the site offers a free listing. These offer a great insight to help you prioritize which new sites to get listed in.
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